If you heard piano music in the middle of the night, would you follow the melody into the woods?

See what Lucy does and let her adventure become yours in this fantastical story where she encounters Hoot the  talking owl, Duchess Thorn and her musical troupe, mysterious memories bound in magic and the Minor Gentleman.

Age: 6-99

Imprint:           Twilight Cat
Published:      13th July 2020

ISBN:               978-1-8380956-0-4

112 Pages
129 mm × 198 mm × 22mm

Meet some of the characters

What does the author say about it?

A tale of curiosity and bravery, this story is one of my favourites as it expresses the magic of music.

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 ‘It’s not mine to take. It’s yours to give.’ Then she held on to Rose’s elbow and pulled her up.


‘I’d like to hear you play more,’ he announced, then bent down to Lucy’s ear. ‘Please say you will.’


‘You should turn on a lamp,’ said the owl in a deep voice. ‘We all know you humans are afraid of the dark.’

Duchess Thorn

‘Here you go,’ she offered the pouch. ‘A share of tonight’s profits. You could buy your little shop twice over with that. I get a feeling you think it’s time you left, don’t you?’


‘Welcome to Skylark airship. I’m Mary. You’ll meet my brothers soon, Tarry and Cary. They’re in the music room. That door there.’